Shaun Rivera



Shaun Rivera has spent more than 14 years as a leader in the sales and service industry, well known for his work ethic, creativity and ability to provide his clients with an unparalleled and personalized experience. More than once, Shaun has been named as a stand out and even nationally recognized in his field for exceptional service. Shaun values building and maintaining every client relationship, and his pattern of going above and beyond for them shows in the way his clients ask for him by name again and again.

Shaun Rivera has always had an eye for aesthetics and finance, choosing to study Art History and Business Management at Texas State University. Shaun moved to San Diego in 2017, and regularly spends his time exploring various neighborhoods. Shaun gets a kick out of continuing to build his knowledge by consistently tracking the market and finding the best properties. Shaun brings his expertise and excitement to the table and will spend his time getting to know you so that he can fulfill your unique real estate endeavors.

In his free time, Shaun enjoys playing a round of golf with his friends and spending quality time with his wife and dog named Captain.